Equalities and Diversity

a. The Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum is committed to inclusiveness reflecting the diversity of the neighbourhood. We will actively promote equality and encourage involvement from all sections of the community which shall be reflected in the membership of the Committee regardless of race, creed, religious beliefs, culture, ethnic origin, sex or sexual orientation, marital status, any kind of disability or chronic illness, age, class or gender reassignment.

b. The Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum will ensure there is an open, fair and transparent approach to encouraging nominations to the committees of Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum to ensure the make-up of the Committee in any one-year reflects, as far as possible, the diversity of people living and working within the neighbourhood.

c. The Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum’s communications and promotions will meet and reflect the diverse needs of those living or working in the neighbourhood.

d. In its first year the Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum will develop a full Equalities Statement which will be enshrined in any future constitution.