Vision Statement and Objectives

Vision Statement

The Neighbourhood Forum is created for the express purpose of producing a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for promoting or improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the neighbourhood, individuals living or working in the neighbourhood, and others with a commitment to the Broadstone neighbourhood.


1 To bring together all those serving or having an interest in the neighbourhood,
in order to:

a. Strengthen networking and contacts within the neighbourhood;

b. Encourage strong joint working between development promoters or service providers and the neighbourhood;

c. Establish and further the business of a constituted neighbourhood forum;

d. Exchange information and views to aid decision-making (about local activities, priorities and services).

2. To develop a Neighbourhood Plan in order to:

a. Provide a strong local spatial, social, environmental and economic context for any future development proposals;

b. Respect and enhance the existing environmental character of the area as a well-established residential area in Poole;

c. Develop and implement the highest possible standards in terms of sustainable development, engagement and consultation and local public services within the neighbourhood;

d. Work with Poole Borough Council and others to assess the future spatial and infrastructure needs for a sustainable Broadstone neighbourhood;

e. Inform the priorities for the distribution of financial resources arising from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Section 106, New Homes Bonus and any other relevant funding pots;

f. Encourage and maintain delivery of any adopted Neighbourhood Plan or development order(s);

g. Co-ordinate the involvement and response of the neighbourhood into any ‘higher’ level planning documents relevant to the neighbourhood and to ensure compatibility between the Neighbourhood Plan and other local plans, including those of neighbouring areas;

h. Working with others to maintain and improve open spaces, the public realm, sports, play and youth facilities in the neighbourhood;

i. Working with others to maintain, protect and improve woodland, trees and shrubs and rights of way through the neighbourhood;

j. Further any other aspects of the neighbourhood’s social, economic and environmental well-being.

3. To work constructively with others to develop and maintain a strong fit between the service needs of the neighbourhood and spatial planning in order to:

a. Maintain and improve the economic vitality of the community and the employability of its residents;

b. Promote synergy between neighbourhood service planning and spatial planning, particularly with regard to educational, health and environmental services.