Minutes of 2014 AGM

Minutes of Annual General Meeting 27th March 2014 at 7.30pm

The Chair of BNF welcomed attendees, including a member of Poole Quays Forum, to the very first public Annual General Meeting of Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum and issued Housekeeping notices.

1. Apologies: Annette Brooke MP; Cllr Vikki Slade; Russell Saunders; Ingrid Sumner; David Sumner; Richard Summers; Rev. Chris Moreton; Rev. Nigel Lloyd; Parris Bliss; Caroline Bliss.

2. The Chair’s Report: Mike Brooke outlined the background to the creation of Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum and described some of the activities the Forum had been engaged in since its establishment. Surveys, a drop-in day, and Broadstione Fun day all provided opportunities to collect data about what residents wanted Broadstone to be like. This information was to be used to inform the Neighbourhood Plan. Consultations had also taken place with Broadstone Residents Association and Broadstone Chamber of Trade and Commerce, both organisations also being represented on the Forum. The Chair informed those present that one of the biggest issues facing the Forum at that time was funding. A loan of £250 had been generously offered by Neighbourhood Watch and an application was being submitted for a Government grant. If successful this would provide an additional £7,000. Work on the Neighbourhood Plan would continue throughout the coming year and anyone was welcome to attend meetings which were held on the third Monday of each Month.

3. Treasurers Report: Paul Jessup outlined the finances which consisted entirely of donations which enabled the Forum to hire St. John’s Church Hall for its public meetings. The accounts were approved as presented.

4. Correspondence: had been by e-mail predominantly with Poole Borough Council in gaining approval as a Forum under the Localism Act, and from Planning Companies seeking contracts.

5. Election of Officers:

Chair: Michael Brooke proposed Tim Young; Seconded Gerald Rigler. Elected unopposed.

Treasurer: Paul Jessup proposed Mike Brooke; seconded Pat Talbot. Elected unopposed.

Secretary: Caroline Bliss Proposed Mike Brooke. Seconded Tony Hamilton. Elected unopposed

6. Any Other Business: the meeting was opened to the floor for questions. The main issue raised centred upon the relationship between the Neighbourhood Forum and the Residents’ Association. The Chair explained there were significant differences between the two organisations but that the roles should be mutually supportive. The Residents’ Association, through its planning officer, gave support to individual residents who were concerned about an individual planning application that affected them directly whilst the Neighbourhood Forum, in developing a Neighbourhood Plan acted strategically through a series of policies which would help protect what is good about Broadstone but allow appropriate development to ensure an improved public realm and a vibrant and sustainable centre/community.

7. Coffee/Tea interval

8. Presentation: the Chair gave an illustrated presentation outlining the formation of the Neighbourhood Forum following principles in the Localism Act. The area covered by the Forum was defined in terms of the Ward Boundary and what that meant in terms of membership and consultation. Statistics from the 2011 census were presented highlight the essential demographic characteristics of Broadstone and some of the future issues arising from these, including care for the elderly and the provision of housing for young families. Issues relating to heathland and Natural England’s exclusion zones were emphasised as these had a significant impact upon where new housing could actually be built. Results from the surveys that had been carried out were presented and were linked to the vision for Broadstone in terms of what people actually felt: feeling safe, welcomed, and an attractive environment topped the list and would therefore inform the Plan as it evolved. Public consultation events were highlighted and the work undertaken to “characterise” the whole of Broadstone was also illustrated. To conclude this work was put into the context of the Neighbourhood Planning process and a schedule for the follow year established following questions and comments from the public.

A hard copy of the presentation is attached to the approved minutes as a permanent record.

The meeting closed at 9.40pm