Minutes of 2015 AGM

Minutes of the AGM Thursday 26 March 2015 at St. John’s Church Hall, 7.30pm.

1. Chair welcomed those attending.
Numbers were almost triple the attendance of the previous AGM

2. Apologies
David and Ingrid Sumner
Annette Brooke

3. Approval of Minutes of AGM 2014
Agreed and signed by the Chair

4. There were no matters arising.

5. Annual Report
the Chairman highlighted the following:

It had been hoped that the Neighbourhood plan would have been ready for consultation, however the planning application from McCarthy and Stone had caused a delay because the Forum were involved in discussions to improve the design and achieve the best for Broadstone. A public consultation meeting held in September2014 in the Library and in excess of 200 people attended to give their views. Despite tremendous opposition from the village planning permission was approved in December with only minor improvements to the appearance of the building. Whilst acceptable to the borough’s planning officers Forum members felt the modifications did not go far enough and so very disappointing.

On a positive note, it confirmed the value of the BNF and demonstrated the importance of developing the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood plan was now back on track with some of the key elements completed. The aim of the plan is to develop a vibrant and sustainable community with a far greater priority given to pedestrians. Finance was an issue but the Chair was pleased to report the Forum had been successful in obtaining a government grant for £7000 towards the preparation of the plan. With a time limit on the spending of this money, work was progressing towards a major consultation. There would be a mail drop to every household at the beginning of June.

6. Treasurer’s Report
Income and expenditure account was as published and included a loan from Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch.

Details of the £7k grant had to be kept on a separate account sheet. It would be spent or fully committed by the end of March 2015.

It was hoped that with increased activity during the forthcoming year there might be a higher income from donations.

The Community Infrastructure Levy was explained and noted that the Forum would receive income from new developments. The income from the McCarthy and Stone development would be significant.
Additional grant applications would also be submitted. At present the Forum does not levy a membership fee so donations would be welcome.

Needed to appoint an inspector of accounts for the future.

Accounts and Report were accepted.

7. Correspondence

Poole Council had invited the Forum to nominate a member to represent it on the Council’s Public Engagement Forum. Gerald Rigler agreed to be the representative.

8. Election of officers and committee members

Chair: Mike Brooke
Proposed by Pat Talbot
Seconded by Tim Young

Vice-Chair: Allen Lewis
Proposed by Julia Lewis
Seconded by Roy Godfrey

Treasurer: Paul Jessop
Proposed by Mike Brooke
Seconded by Tim Young

Secretary: Caroline Bliss (as pro tem)
Proposed by Mike Brooke
Seconded by Tony Hamilton

9. AOB

Tim Young proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee for the all the hard work to date.

Tony Hamilton informed that meeting that the battle for the footpath next to the new McCarthy and Stone building was successful and the footpath would be kept open.

The post office manager also informed that he was still in negotiations regarding the status of the new post office. He also thanked everyone for their support.

An attendee enquired where the temporary PO building would go. This would be part of the negotiation.

Allen Lewis announced that a submission by him and Simon Merry on behalf of the village had been be made to Poole’s planning committee. It was a fair representation of the villagers’ views so it was very disappointing that it was not given more consideration when the decision was being made by the planning committee.

MB emphasised that the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan would be the community’s plan and not merely what the Forum Executive wanted. It would be based on evidence gathered from the community.

10. Presentation by Richard Summers, Director of the consultants, Boyle and Summers, employed by the Forum to produce the Plan. The presentation focused on a number of options for The Broadway and was followed by questions and discussion with a number of important issues raised. Comments to be e-mailed to: broadstoneneighbourhood@gmail.com

The meeting closed at 9.50pm.