Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – August 2016

With the Council’s housing suggestions currently out to public consultation the Neighbourhood Forum executive held a special meeting on Tuesday 5th July to discuss the suggestions which could affect Broadstone in the next few years. Our Special guest was Nick Perrins, Borough of Poole’s planning Policy Manager, who outlined the reasoning behind the current consultation on potential housing sites across the borough. Only one site, Story Lane car park, directly affects Broadstone. The suggestion that 20 homes could be built over the top of the car park is an interesting one and certainly it attracted the attention of a significant number of residents who attended a public exhibition in the Library on Wednesday 6th July.

There are a number of important points arising from the proposal: is it an appropriate location for this type of development? After all it is adjacent to a conservation area; the mass and bulk could impact upon existing properties; would the number of units contribute to the number of homes being proposed in our Draft Neighbourhood plan or would they be additional? Would there be any loss of car parking? How viable is the suggestion? All these issues were discussed at our meeting and, in addition, we made an alternative suggestion for a more comprehensive scheme which would not only provide additional parking at the Station Road car park but could also provide a similar number of homes and an area of public green space as well. Further discussions involving stakeholders, the council and residents are needed. The Forum will be making a submission to Council regarding the Story Lane proposal as well as setting out its alternative ideas. We urge everyone to get involved and respond to the consultation which does not end until 8th August. All the details can be found at

Recently registered with Poole’s Planning Department is an application to change the classification of Home Corfe House from C2 (Residential Institution) to C3 (Dwelling House). The initial information from Poole Council implied all the units within the building would be affected, but I am now able to confirm it only relates to one property. It is therefore unlikely to have any impact upon car parking in Wentworth Drive. Car parking issues have taken up a considerable amount of the Forum’s time and the Neighbourhood plan attempts to resolve some of these, though the best opportunity will be through the development of a masterplan for the central area.

The next stage in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan is temporarily delayed while we await a response from the Council to our recent consultation. In addition one of the three statutory consultees has not yet responded. This is Natural England. This organisation’s responses is critical since its comments can impact on the need for an Environmental Assessment. If one has to be produced that will mean further delays and more costs. Our policies do not, as far as we are aware, impact upon any of the internationally protected heathlands or sites of special scientific interest so we are not anticipating a problem but we would like that to be confirmed as soon as possible. We should then be in a position to submit all the documentation ready for the examination in public.

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