Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – January 2017

Shortly after writing the last update we received the response document from Strategic Planning Services, Borough of Poole. Whilst the comments were wide ranging the general tone of the document was one of support. There are a few changes required to the background text and overall presentation which we are happy to implement. In addition, there is helpful advice about our policies which, if adopted, will ensure our documentation complies with the necessary legal requirements. These recommendations have been discussed at both executive level and with our support officer so that we have been able to pass the work over to our consultants to implement. Once completed, hopefully in early January, the Draft Neighbourhood Plan will be significantly different from the one that went out to consultation. So what changes will you notice?

In terms of presentation some of the maps, for example those showing Broadstone’s historical development will be larger and more closely related to the text. All photographs will be fully labelled and some of the maps will be modified to improve legibility. There will also be some additional maps, including one to show the extent of important wildlife corridors and a proposals map. This latter is of fundamental importance as it identifies all those elements of the plan covered by each individual policy.

There will be fewer policies than previously presented. This reduction reflects several issues. Firstly, partnership working is a process and not subject to planning policy. As such partnership working enables policies to be implemented. It therefore needs to be included within a new section of the plan, namely, Implementation and Monitoring. This section is designed to demonstrate how each of the policies will be implemented as well as assessing the degree to which the desired outcomes are being achieved. The original Policy 2 on partnership working will therefore been deleted.

Secondly, whilst the inclusion of transportation issues is permitted within a Neighbourhood Plan, transportation per se does not form part of planning policy. As a consequence, we will be removing Policy 10 whilst retaining a modified section on Access and Movement which will form part of the masterplanning process.

Thirdly, Policy 14 will also be removed on the basis that this is again a process and so should be referenced within the Implementation and Monitoring Section. However, the principle of developing a masterplan for Broadstone will be retained, especially since it received overwhelming support in the consultation. Changes will be made to the text as well as to the options especially since a number of responses received were concerned with the potential reduction in car parking spaces within the Broadway. It is accepted that this is an issue, but it must be considered within the overall context of the plan and a clearly defined parking strategy.

The remaining policies relating to protection of open spaces, managing housing and design, encouraging a vibrant economy, conserving community assets and promoting sustainability will all see minor adjustments to ensure they can be appropriately applied to the decision-making process.

The revised draft plan will be posted on our website towards the end of January but in the meantime the current version can still be accessed using the following link

Our next AGM is being scheduled for the end of March

Mike Brooke
Chair, Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum

One thought on “Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – January 2017”

  1. I do hope more thought has been given to parking on the Broadway. The suggested removal of the toastrack and on street parking,is an accident waiting to happen,on such a busy main road.. I will be interested to see the plans

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