Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – November 2017

Poole Council’s Place overview and Scrutiny committee met on October 4th and unanimously voted to recommend the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan should go to public consultation and independent examination. Subject to Cabinet approval the consultation will begin in early November. The Plan, and all its supporting documents are already on our website – – as well as the Council’s –

The consultation will last for 6 weeks and we would urge residents to use this opportunity to support the Plan. The ten policies, which are specific to Broadstone, are extremely important because planning officers will have to apply them when assessing future Broadstone planning applications. These policies have been developed in response to what you told us you wanted, in particular, to :

  • protect more of our green spaces
  • achieve high quality building design and housing in the most appropriate places
  • make Broadstone centre a safer and more attractive place to visit, full of vitality
  • encourage sustainable building and construction methods
  • keep all our community facilities
  • to get the right balance between cars and pedestrians

The plan has six distinct sections:

Section 0 sets out the legal requirements and explains how the Neighbourhood Plan fits into the Local and National planning systems. It also provides a summary of the consultation processes.

Section 1 describes Broadstone’s past, present and future. It identifies specific periods of growth, each with its own character, then describes Broadstone today, including the built environment, green spaces, demographics, community facilities and economy. The final part examines the need for a masterplan, includes some of the early ideas but stresses none of these are part of this neighbourhood plan.

Section 2 sets out how the plan fulfils the Government’s requirements for sustainable development. It also identifies the key issues raised during previous consultations and links them to the three elements of sustainable development, namely environmental, social and economic. The section ends with a vision statement for Broadstone, the identification of nine core objectives for the plan and a summary of how these relate to planning principles and the policies as presented in Section 3.

Section 3 commences with a proposals map highlighting key elements in the plan. This is followed by detailed discussions supporting the the ten policies. BP1 & BP2 designate small local areas as public open spaces to protect them from inappropriate development.

BP3 sets criteria to conserve natural features, protect against loss of biodiversity on-site and on wider local wildlife corridors. BP4 sets design principles to enhance sustainability and energy efficiency of new development. BP5 seeks to encourage higher density accommodation on inner zones and family housing in the outer zones of Broadstone. BP6 seeks to retain bungalows as single storey dwellings on the Fairview Estate to retain accommodation suitable for older people. BP7 seeks high quality retail development and improvements to the public realm in the central shopping area of Broadstone. BP8 promotes well designed residential extensions to complement and reflect the prevailing pattern of development. BP9 encourages additional town centre type uses to improve commercial vitality and viability of the central area of Broadstone. BP10 Seeks to resist the loss of existing community facilities in Broadstone, providing guidance on where loss may be acceptable.

Section 4 outlines the way in which the policies within the plan will be implemented and monitored. Section 5 consists of several appendices including a glossary of terms, evidence base, housing needs assessment and a detailed consultation statement. Most of these exist as separate documents.

If you are unable to access the documents on-line, hard copies will be available in Broadstone Library and members of the Forum will be on-hand each Saturday morning, between 10.00am and midday, throughout the consultation period – November 10th to December 22nd – to answer any questions you may have about the plan or the consultation process.

Mike Brooke
Chair, Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum.

One thought on “Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – November 2017”

  1. We fully support the Broadstone Neighbourhood plan.
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all involved for their hard work in bringing our plan to fruition.

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