Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – September 2016

August has been a relatively quiet month for the Neighbourhood Forum. We submitted our response to Poole’s Draft Local Plan housing consultation focusing on two aspects, namely, encroachment onto green belt land and the proposal for 20 houses above the Story Lane car park. In both instances we confirmed the points raised at our earlier meeting with Poole’s Planning Policy manager and outlined in last month’s update.

The Council’s response to the statutory consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is still awaited even though the consultation ended on 31st May. This is now becoming a serious issue since any further delay could cost us our current grant funding. On a more positive note responses from Historic England and the Environment Agency have been very positive:

“It is an impressive document in its grasp of the locally distinctive character of the Plan area and how this should inform proposals for change. We are particularly impressed by the community’s decision to prepare a Characterisation Study as a detailed follow on from the Poole-wide document produced in 2010, the emphasis on good design, and the inclusion of policies on such matters as building heights (Policy 6) and identifying the requirement and brief for a masterplan for the village centre.” (Historic England).

“Following review of the neighbourhood plan and policies I can confirm that we have no objection to the document.

We note that the document acknowledges the appropriate flood risk and surface water issues within the plan area. Given the role of Borough of Poole as the Lead Local Flood Authority we have no further comments to make at this time.” (Environment Agency).

The consequence of such statements means there is no need to revise the Statutory Environmental Assessment documentation that was produced following last year’s major consultation exercise.

Finally, I referred to a planning application involving Home Corfe House in last month’s update. I am pleased to confirm that the application only relates to one of the properties within the building, not all the units, consequently there will be no significant impact upon Wentworth Drive. Consultations about on-street parking and fast moving traffic in this road are on-going.

The Forum meets on the third Tuesday of each month in Broadstone Youth Centre, Moor Road 7.00 – 9.00pm. If you would like to find out more you will be most welcome at the next meeting on Tuesday September 20th.

Mike Brooke
Chair, Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum.

2 thoughts on “Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – September 2016”

  1. At this point in time there are no specific plans just a series of options. once the Neighbourhood plan is finally adopted work will start on developing a masterplan for Broadstone. This will of necessity look at parking in the Broadway but will need to be seen in the context of a a clearly defined parking strategy for the village as a whole. The January update for the Broadstone Link comments on this process. The masterplanning process will involve all stakeholders and residents will have ample opportunity to be involved.

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