Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – September 2017

After four and a half years of evidence collecting, numerous consultations and even more revisions, the final version of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan is finished at last. This, together with updated documents have now been sent to the planning consultant who has been tasked with producing the necessary Basic Conditions Report. Subject to a positive response, a final public consultation will be scheduled by the Borough of Poole and the Draft Plan, together with all supporting documents, will be posted on both the Council’s the Forum’s websites. Hopefully more details will be available in time for next month’s update. Immediately following the consultation, the Draft Plan will be submitted to a Government Inspector for examination.

In providing regular updates the Neighbourhood Forum has endeavoured to keep Broadstone residents informed of both progress and content. Attention has focused primarily upon our open spaces and housing issues, which between them account for 8 of the 10 policies which make up the heart of the Plan. One policy, BP10 Protecting Community Facilities in Broadstone, is critical in the overall scheme. Its purpose is to prevent the loss of Broadstone’s wide range of community leisure and sporting facilities as a consequence of future development. The Plan recognises the important role these facilities play in the lives of Broadstone’s residents, and hence the contribution they make to the health and wellbeing of individuals as well as the community in general. At the centre of the policy is the requirement for a developer to provide an alternative should the proposals include the loss of the current facilities/buildings.

Whilst the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework presumes in favour of sustainable development the approval of a planning application should not be granted to the detriment of the community. Even though there is a huge need for more housing it should not be at the cost of community facilities, high quality design, or public amenity.

We have recently acquired a small selection of photographs for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan. These have been taken from the crane on the McCarthy and Stone development site and provide a very different view of Broadstone from the one we are all familiar with. Two are included with this article. We would like to thank the company for their contribution and co-operation.

Mike Brooke
Chair, Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum

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