Final statutory consultation for Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan

10th November—22nd December 2017

Looking west along Clarendon Road – from McCarthy and Stone crane

Poole Borough Council is consulting on the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan prior to submission for examination by a Government Inspector. The consultation begins on Friday 10th November at midday and ends at midnight on 22nd December. This is the last chance to have your say, with all comments being passed directly to the examiner for his/her consideration.


Pocket Park

The draft plan and supporting documents can be accessed here but the consultation questionnaire can only be accessed on-line at the Borough of Poole’s website: If you prefer to use a hard copy these may be obtained from Broadstone Library, the Post office and the Junction Sports Centre. It is expected that Molly’s, Candy Chocs, the Cargo Lounge and Forum Jewellers will also have supplies of the summary leaflet and questionnaire.

We would urge residents to support the plan which contains policies which protect additional areas of open space, require high quality and sustainable design for all new buildings, seek to protect our community facilities and encourage a vibrant and more attractive centre. There are no proposals to remove parking from the Broadway.

We would urge you all to respond to the consultation and support the plan which reflects the wishes of residents to manage the need for housing for young and old, to respect our green spaces and wildlife corridors, and to ensure Broadstone remains a desirable place to live, work and play.

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2 Responses to Final statutory consultation for Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Michael Brooke says:

    Thank you for your comments Rosalind and for the expression of concern. To reassure you and all our readers, there are no proposals for a new layout to the toast rack in the Broadstone Neighbourhood Plan. During its earlier preparation some ideas were put forward and in 2015 every household received a consultation leaflet. The responses received suggested that none of the ideas were particularly popular so a further suggestion was devised and was consulted on in spring of 2016. This idea was also rejected and no further suggestions have been put forward. What did receive very strong support was the idea of developing a masterplan, but that is a task for the future, and should anything be proposed there will be full consultation with residents and businesses. This is all explained in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan within the section covering Broadstone’s future. It clearly states there are no specific proposals. The purpose of the plan is to manage Broadstone’s housing needs and community assets to ensure a sustainable future with a balanced housing stock ,thriving centre and an appropriate level of accessible and usable open space. Hence the ten policies set out in the document and on which Poole Council’s consultation is based. The draft plan and all supporting documents can be accessed through the main menu of the website “Draft plan 2017”. To comment on the plan the consultation form can be accessed via please take time to study the plan before making any comments.

  2. Rosalind Strickland says:

    I am very concerned that the residents of Broadstone are not aware of the proposals for changes to the toastrack and Broadway.
    I have been speaking to friends and none of them were aware of the proposals and were horrified at the new proposed layout.
    Ideally I think that every resident should be contacted directly and made aware of the proposed design – this could be a leaflet drop,via the neighbourhood watch leaflets ( if that is before 22nd December ) or by posters around Broadstone around the Broadway area.
    I feel strongly that this should be decided by the residents it will affect, rather than councillors who may or may not live in Broadstone.

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