Broadstone Benches Bringing People Together

The Neighbourhood Forum supported by the Chamber has submitted a bid for £10,000 to install new seating into Broadstone Village. The bid pursues the aim of bringing people together and to improve the feel and appearance of Broadstone as a place.

We win by gaining the most votes cast on-line before 30th May.

Our bid applies to the Community Category but also seeks to reflect the other three categories and particularly seeks to bring younger and older people together.

Broadstone is a suburb of Poole with 10,000 residents and is referred to, by its residents, as ‘the village’. It has a centre comprising community buildings, retail, services and leisure but it is significantly lacking in terms of the quality and appeal of the public realm. It has no focal points and its design has been arrived at through a century of piecemeal decisions leaving no consistent defining feature or features. Consequently people come to Broadstone to do something specific rather than to meet and socialise publicly. In addition, there is no communal encouragement or informal opportunities for young and old to meet or share spaces.

The residential profile is relatively polarised with many young families attracted to popular schools and an older generation who stay or come here to retire.