Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum AGM


Annual General Meeting

Thursday 31st March 2016
St John’s Church Hall
Macaulay Road

The Draft Plan: its policies and aspirations

Refreshments: Tea, Coffee, Biscuits

  • What will the plan achieve?
  • Can we protect our green spaces?
  • Can we control new developments?
  • Can we manage traffic movements and car parking?
  • Can the Broadway be improved?
  • Are pedestrians more important than cars?
  • What next?

Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – September 2015

Consultation and Housing

We would like to thank all those who responded to the recent consultation which ended on 31st July. For the most part, comments were positive and first impressions suggest overwhelming support for our suggested policies on Open Spaces, Housing, Economy, Transport and Sustainability. Inevitably, options for the Broadway attracted the greatest interest with many helpful comments being proffered. The detailed analysis of all the information has begun and we hope to publish both the comments and our responses in due course.

Whilst the consultation has been running, a second piece of work has been undertaken by planning consultants AECOM. Appointed by Locality, the organisation administering the Government’s funding programme, AECOM has carried out, free of charge, a complex analysis of Broadstone’s housing needs. This is an essential piece of work which provides the evidence base for our housing policies and should enable them to stand up to inspection at a future public inquiry. Although three different data sets and assumptions were used, it is suggested that our housing need over the lifetime of the Neighbourhood Plan is in the region of 729 to 779. This represents about 39 dwellings per year, but given that only 21 have been built over the last 4 years this is a target that could be difficult to attain.

It is important to recognise that these calculations do not take any supply constraints into account. For Broadstone, the lack of available land is a major restrictive factor. Firstly, a significant proportion of the village falls within 400 metres of internationally protected heathland. This means that even if land were available it cannot be used for housing.

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Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – Draft Plan: where do we go from here?

Since June 1st Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum’s draft policies and options for the Broadway have been undergoing a statutory consultation. The minimum period of 6 weeks came to an end on 15th July, however, because of a few technical problems associated with the on-line version the period of consultation has been extended to July 31st but any responses that we receive during the early part of August will still be accepted.

In addition to the on-line document hard copies have been available in the library and Molly’s. The Forum has carried out a number of activities to promote the Neighbourhood Plan and the consultation. Articles have been in both the Echo and Community Magazine as well as Broadstone Link. There has been a display in the Library throughout the consultation period and we have attended St John’s Church Summer Fair in addition to the Family Fun Day. We have also been available to talk to shoppers on the Broadway on two Saturdays in July. We understand there has also been some discussion on various social media. So what happens from now? Continue reading “Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum – Draft Plan: where do we go from here?”